Kitchen Matters


Fruits, vegetables, and herbs last a whole lot longer when they’re stored properly. In this chart, foods are grouped based on temperature, humidity, and air flow needed for maximum freshness. Try reusable containers whenever possible, but in some cases plastic bags just work the best (you can wash them out and air-dry for multiple uses). In place of paper towels, washable flour sack linens are an ideal way to maintain moisture levels. Always remove rotten food items from the bunch; it’s no myth one bad apple will take down the crowd. And make the effort to buy loose, instead of pre-packaged foods—it’s more affordable and sustainable. When root vegetables have greens attached, remove greens at the base before storing or the greens will continue to zap nutrients and water from the product you’re going to consume. Most veggie greens are perfectly delicious and should be stored separately just as any other green. Speaking of! For greens, use a salad spinner to clean and thorough dry before storing for quick and easy salads.

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Kitchen Matters is a series of poster-style graphics and illustrations designed to improve life in the kitchen, from planning and shopping to chopping, cooking, and breaking bread. They aim to take the stress out of the entire cooking experience by creating room for connecting to food and the people with whom it’s shared.

by Christie Little