Kitchen Matters

How To Smoothie

Balance in the composition of smoothie is less important than other meals, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a consideration. A fully sweet and tropical combo of coconut milk, banana, and pineapple is balanced wonderfully by crunchy cacao nibs. The deeply satisfying and detoxifying effects of kale, parsley, and spinach are punched up with lemon and cayenne. Peaches, honey, ginger, and spinach combine to hit an array of different notes. And of course, from a health standpoint, it’s a good idea to integrate one of each of the groups for a nutritious breakfast or snack. In other words, considering balance in a smoothie is what takes it from good to great. 

On a more instructional note, blend your leafy greens and liquid first. You’ll have a much better chance for full integration. Then add fruits and seeds. Save the chia for the end; if they get blended, they lend a very gelatinous texture to the drink. The suggested ratio for the chart on the facing page is equal parts greens and liquid with the addition of the desired amount of fruit.

by Christie Little